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Responsive website design graphic showing devicesWeb design has taken a turn in how it is displayed because people can now access the internet no matter where they are, and this is why responsive website designing has become an important part of web development.  A responsive site design provides an optical viewing experience on all devices for easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling through a website on a range of devices like mobile phones and tablets that have different screen sizes.  A responsive site design uses a fluid, proportion-based grid with flexible images and media queries using the @media rule.  Responsive Site Design Explained JQuery is useful in responsive designs as well because it allows for fluid movements of images and other parts of your responsive site layout.  The concept calls for the page to be in relative units like percentages rather than exact units like pixels, but pixels are still important. Media queries let the pages use different code style rules based on the screen width of the device or the kind of device being used.  Scale the widow of this responsive website or view it on your phone to better grasp what a responsive design accomplishes.


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Based in Ohio, Beall Brothers is a combined team from two artistic, creative men that have the combined skills to accomplish anything from graphic design to fully responsve website designs that are optimized to be found on the web because anything is possible, and we do not limit imagination or dreams, and we never ignoring any fine details.Logo for Devel Solutions for fully responsive website designs, programming, and enterprise solutionsLogo for D-zired Design where one can find fully responsive website designs and graphics

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March 20, 2015

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It has taken us a long time to learn what we know, and this wealth of knowledge was acquired through the process of trial and error; however, this process takes too long. We offer free high resolution help tutorials to clients, so you can do it right the first time, and one can find many videos in our tutorials selection or on You Tube D-zired Tutorials Logo where one can learn Drupal 7.x and Adobe for responsive site designLearn to design and build gracefully responsive Drupal 7.x websites that include commerce and all the other functions found on BeallBros.com

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